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Ceramic Tile Shower Doorway Ceramic Tile Floor

Parker Residence Bath

The client asked that we create a passionflower motif, use our purple glaze and the colorful slate for the floor. Otherwise, we were given a free hand to design the room. Contacted early in the project, we were able to specify the framing and the placement of the plumbing and wiring. This enabled us to do things like wrap the tile pattern around the room without interruption, use the free-standing pedestal sink, and include ceramic light fixtures, shelves, and niches. To "open up" the windowless room, we repeated the doorway arch at the back of the shower and in the mirror surround.

Ceramic Tile Arch Ceramic Tile Bathroom Ceramic Tile Shower Ceramic Tile Soap Dish
Ceramic Tile Shower Design Ceramic Pedestal Sink Ceramic Tile Mirror Surround Ceramic Light Sconce

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