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William Morris, leading figure of the British Arts and Crafts Movement, and Gustav Stickley in his publication "The Craftsman" extolled the virtues of the beautiful handmade object for improving the quality of life for both the maker and the owner. They recognized the importance of the work of the craftsman in a time of ever-increasing industrialization, elevating the status of craft to the realm of art. We use the labor intensive methods of a century ago to make our art tile.

Chinese Art Tile Pattern Celtic Art Tile Pattern Islamic Floor Tile Pattern
Chinese Brocade
Celtic Birds
Akbar's Field
Art Tile Patterns Moorish Floor Tile Pattern Art Tile Mosaics
India Vine
Moorish Star
Lagos Lizard
Arts and Crafts Floral Tile Pattern Decorative Ceramic Art Tile Arts and Crafts Floral Tile
Rose Field
Koran Field
Morning Glory
Turkish Floral Art Tile Mosaics Sealife Mosaic Tile Patterns Minoan Art Tile Pattern Handmade Art Tile Patterns
Turkish Floral
Aegean Sea
Minoan Field
Persian Art Tile Pattern Ginkgo Design Art Tile
Persian Hex

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